A beautiful event of life to cherish forever

Wedding is one of the beautiful events in the life. It is a vow between hearts for being together in everything till the end. The beautiful relationship of husband and wife is inaugurated through wedding ceremony. Wedding is not only a legal event but a celebration that gathers families, friends and acquainted people all in a place for celebration and wishes. Most of the wedding is based on the culture and ethnicity as per the region. Canadian weddings have its unique types of ceremonies included in the usual wedding event type. In Canada weddings takes place in Church and friend and families are invited to take part in the celebration.


As usual the celebration has the attractive flower girls, the best man. The bride and the groom will be brought forth by their parents. As the groom comes before, the Father of the bride will bring forward his daughter towards groom for wedding ceremony. Wedding music will be played as the wedding process is conducted and during the process, vows will be exchanged and rings will be also. Priest will be the head of the wedding ceremony and he will solemnize the ceremony. As one part of the ceremony, the priest will ask the crowd gathered for wedding ceremony whether is there any person having any genuine reasons for the bride and the groom not be united in the marital relationship. If there is no response in the crowd, the priest will ask the groom and the bride to exchange the rings for each other.


Once the rings are exchanged between groom and the bride, they will be announced as husband and wife. In order to seal the union through marriage, the newlywed groom and bride will be asked kiss each other. This is how the tradition takes place and as the couple moves from the church the gathered people will shower wheat or rice over the newlywed couple. This traditional act is to express the wished for fertility. Following this, the couple will be reaching restaurant or house or to any other location for reception in which the gathered people will bless the couple with wished through gifts.

Wedding wheel

After the celebration and food, the traditional wedding wheel will take place. This is to gather money for the honeymoon. The gathered crowd will form 2 lines and they money as they planned to dance with the newlywed couple. The honeymoon will be for some days or more than a month.

Formal and informal

Canadian weddings will be both formal and informal and depends on the people. The formal will be well planned taking time to invite people and to make arrangements properly but informal wedding will happen in short notice. The wedding dress of the formal wedding and informal wedding will differ.

Wedding dress

In the formal wedding the wedding dress will be planned well for both bride and the groom but in the informal they use informal wedding dresses available in stores for this purpose. In the informal wedding attire, people choose less expensive dress as they don’t afford much on it as the wedding is decided in short notice. Most Canadians are careful of the merchant they purchase wedding dresses. The website No Bribes features an article on how merchant takes bribes to sell fake dresses because a lot of brides don’t want to spend much on it as they don’t use the dress again.

Flowing lace and jewels

In formal wedding, people choose expensive dresses though they may not use the same dress again in life time, especially the girl as she wears wedding gown. This is the reason that some people don’t choose wedding gown rather they use flowing lace. The flowing lace can be used in future for any celebrations. Apart from this as per the wish of the family new jewels along with old jewels will be also used as they family may want the bride to use the family jewel in this special day.

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